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5 Questions to Help Clarify Your Brand

August 13, 2020

Does your brand reflect your values? Does it stand out from your competition? Are you connecting with your ideal audience? If you answered no to any of these questions, you may be lacking clarity on your brand’s foundation. In my Brand Clarity Sessions, we dig deep not your brand and answer a bunch of questions. Some of these include:

1. Have you written mission and vision statements?

Creating mission and vision statements will help you remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and for whom. If things start to get complicated, you can always go back to these to refocus on what-who-why.

2. What are your core values?

Keeping your messaging in alignment with your core values will ultimately make you appear more trustworthy and will help build a loyal following that shares your values.

3. Who is your ideal client and how can you help them?

When I ask who your ideal client is, I’m not talking about basic demographics. You should be able to tell me their struggles, dreams, fears—and how your business can help. What do they value? Understanding your ideal clients will help you speak to them in a way that resonates.

4. How do you stand out from your competition?

You should be able to name at least two competitors. What are they doing well? Should you be doing the same? What are they not doing so well? Is there some way to gain an advantage over them? These questions will lead you to your unique selling proposition.

5. What are your brand attributes?

Figuring these out will help you flesh out your brand’s personality. Your attributes will help you decide on how you want to share your message. What language will you use? What tone? It will also give you direction on visuals, like the colors and fonts you choose.

Can you answer these 5 questions? If not, I’d love to help you figure it all out in one of my Brand Clarity Sessions. It’s a two-hour one-on-one workshop where we’ll really dig into your business and gain clarity on your brand. At the end, you’ll receive a Brand Blueprint, a PDF that summarizes our discussion and can be used as a reference going forward to help you keep your brand consistent. If you’re interested, fill out my contact form here.

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