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When Kathy Jo reached out to me, we had already known each other for a while from a bootcamp for consultants that we took together. Her company, Connors Enterprises & Consulting LLC, works with an organization’s leaders and teams to improve team coordination, strategic planning, and operational effectiveness. She also has a specialized service called Performance Cubed.

When she started the company, she created the logo herself on a website. Then when she launched her specialized service, she paid a designer on a bidding website to create the Performance Cubed logo. There was nothing cohesive between the logos; you would never know they were connected.

Kathy Jo asked me if I could redesign the logos for both the company and service in a way that connected them. The Performance Cubed logo she had paid for used this geometric filled “C” for the icon. She really liked the direction of the icon and some of the colors that were used.

I was inspired by this icon and spent some time trying to figure out how to incorporate it while altering it to be used in both logos. For the main company logo, I designed a geometric “C” in the colors she requested, leaving it open in the center. I paired it with a serif font that had a bit of character. For the service logo, I grayed out the “C” and instead incorporated the color into a cube inside of the “C”. I brought in the same font as I had in the main logo.

When I presented the final logos to Kathy Jo, she expressed how happy she was with them and had no revisions.

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My project was initially rather complicated. Melanie made the process very easy for me, and I knew I was in capable hands from the start. She was also very professional and helpful in offering advice and useful tips. Melanie’s color sense is outstanding, and she beautifully captured the “fresh,” “diverse,” and “professional” feel I was striving for in my branding. In addition to great graphic design, Melanie provided a very professional package including files in various formats for multiple uses. She also produced a super helpful brand guide and a set of coordinating fonts. Now it is so easy to keep all my materials and visuals consistently branded. Working with Melanie was a terrific experience.

Kathy Jo Connors, Connors Enterprises & Consulting LLC