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I met Claudine at a local networking event. Her company, Double Delicious Bakery, creates gluten-free baked goods that taste amazing.

At the time, she was selling mostly at festivals but intended to break into the commercial market. She’d had some bad experiences with graphic designers in the past and I really wanted to help her build a brand she could take into the future.

She needed a brand that could speak to her ideal client—the health-conscious busy mother. I also knew she would need to incorporate her brand into packaging when the time came. Claudine suggested a blue and gold color theme which is not typical of a bakery.

I spent some time researching her future competitors and the market she intended to break into. Now that I knew what was out there, it was time to develop a few concepts. Ultimately she chose the option that was more refined with just a touch of playfulness. I created an icon of crossed kitchen utensils—a spatula and a whisk—and chose a font that was feminine with a little dramatic flair. I decide to go with a bright, almost turquoise color and paired it with a rich brown to represent the chocolate in her signature cookies and brownies. I incorporated her gold as an accent. Aside from the main logo, I also created a stacked version, a small submark and a square icon that seemed perfect for packaging stickers.

Claudine was thrilled with her new brand and the collateral that we created with it. She was especially excited about the social media images and said that she couldn’t wait to use them.

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