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Christine and I are both members of a local networking group. Friday Path LLC, her company, helps organizations run complex projects with more effective team collaboration, typically using Scrum.

She originally came to me to rebuild her current logo into a few different file formats but didn’t plan on a redesign. I shared my process with her, shared some general branding advice, and asked some pointed questions about whether SHE though her current logo spoke to her ideal client—namely mid-level corporate managers in the software industry. She asked to fill out my questionnaire for her own clarity. After she did, she contacted me for a full rebrand.

The buzzwords that stood out to me were warm, supportive, relief, collaboration and creative. Her moodboard reflects my focus on those words. When it came time to develop logo concepts, I kept coming back to the fact that what she does is a process. This is symbolized by the arrows in the final design. I opted to use all lower-case since her target industry is more likely to appreciate this non-conformity. The colors are bright and energetic with a touch of gold to bring warmth. And it’s always a great feeling when the client has no revisions!

Christine was due to give a presentation shortly after the logo was created so the brand guide I provided helped her to use consistent colors and fonts to keep her branding on point.

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Melanie designed a fresh and clean logo. I love the brand package. She said what she would do and did what she said. I have recommended Melanie Watson Design to friends many times.

Christine Frayda, Friday Path LLC