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iV4 Product Logo & Marketing Collateral

December 5, 2017

iV4 is a leading IT consulting, managed services, security, and cloud company, that provides custom-architect solutions. They are a local mid-sized company with a national reach. Rebecca, the marketing manager, came to me to help with promotional material for their Managed IT Solution line of services which includes Recovery, Security, and Support.

Rebecca had been creating these promotional pieces in-house but felt it was time to elevate their design for the national stage. These pieces are used at trade shows around the country and she felt they needed a more professional, corporate feel to attract new clients.

As we were reviewing their needs on these pieces, we also came to the conclusion that a logo designed for the Managed IT Solutions umbrella would be a good thing as well. So I was tasked with designing this product logo while keeping with the overall IV4 brand and then redesigning the new marketing pieces to incorporate this new logo.

Using the current iV4 brand assets, I designed a Managed IT Solutions logo that used a graphic portion of their current logo. I also chose a font that was similar to their logotype. I used a script to create a contrast between the words.

iV4 logo 1

After reviewing the first draft, Rebecca decided that they’d like to incorporate the entire iV4 logo in the design so that it could be used apart from the company logo. She was also not a fan of the script. So I made some alterations to add the whole iV4 logo and changed out the script for a serif font, keeping that contrast between words. This logo was approved.

iV4 logo 2

Now we had a logo, it was time to move on to the five marketing pieces. The original ones relied heavily on stock art that didn’t directly relate to their brand. There was also a lot of information on them and even some charts; a few were even two pages due to the amount of info. I was asked to try to get them down to one page, if possible. The challenge was to convey the info in an easy-to-read format while trying to elevate the design. I made the pieces less heavy by using a lighter font weight and doing away with the generic stock art. I used some of the brand assets to give a graphic touch but kept the overall design clean and uncluttered. I also stuck to the brand’s color palette to give some consistency through all of the pieces.


Melanie is extremely professional. She meets deadlines, offers a fresh perspective, and will work with you until your design is done just the way you want. Melanie is great at creating eye-catching designs that make any business stand out.

— Rebecca Spoont, Marketing Manager, iV4

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