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Rochester Women’s Network
‘W’ Award Event Collateral

June 28, 2018

I’m a member of Rochester Women’s Network, a local networking organization for professional women that was founded in 1978. It’s the largest of its kind in the country. One of their signature events is a dinner to celebrate their annual Women Inspiring Women Award, or the ‘W’ Award. This prestigious award is presented to a woman in the community who goes above and beyond to help further the personal and professional growth of women.

As the marketing coordinator for the 2018 ‘W’ Award Event Committee, I offered to take on the responsibility of designing the various pieces of event collateral. This included the program book, posters, and presentation for the event, as well as the social media images for promotion leading up to the event.

I wanted to create some consistency across all of these pieces. I also wanted to pull from the RWN’s current logo for inspiration. We needed the social media images first so I designed a few different images that reflected the ‘brand’ I was building in my mind.

After that was accomplished, I needed to start thinking about the program book. I had already decided that I would design the cover of the book first, then everything else would play off of it. I came up with three versions of the cover which I presented to the rest of the committee for feedback.

The second one, above, was chosen unanimously.

Now that I had a cover design, it was time to finish the program book. The bios and other content were provided to me by the organization’s director of operations, Sandy. There would be ads as well. Here are a few spreads of the final program:

Next I needed to figure out how to apply the program design to the poster and presentation.

The event took place on May 15, 2018 at the beautiful Woodcliff Hotel & Spa. It was a fabulous evening and the honorees were very inspiring. Below are a few photos of the event highlighting the pieces I created.

Photos were taken by the talented Renée Veniskey of Immaginé Photography.


Melanie’s designs were fresh and captured the essence of the project. It was a pleasure to work with her on RWN’s ‘W’ Award. She listened to our needs and offered valuable suggestions when composing a fresh look for this existing annual event. She is open to changes and meets deadlines. Melanie is knowledgeable when working with printers and can manage this end of a project, too.

— Sandy Richardson, Director of Operations, Rochester Women’s Network

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