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Julia, the owner of Satori Yoga + Therapy, and I were connected through a Facebook group for women entrepreneurs. Julia’s yoga practice—located in Alberta, Ca.—focuses on working with people in chronic pain and helping to lessen, if not alleviate, their symptoms.

Julia originally requested me to design an ebook cover and podcast image for her. But in the process of discussing her needs, she decided it was time to redesign her logo. Her current logo was quite a few years old and it didn’t fit her business anymore.

She gave me some samples of logos she liked and I did research online within her industry. She definitely wanted something with an Asian feel as the word Satori means ‘spiritual enlightenment’ in Japanese Buddhism. She liked the idea of a rising sun and that led to the current logo. The font has an asian feel and I used a gray and orange gradient within the words to simulate a sunrise. I also created a simple brand board with her color breakdowns and fonts.

Julia loved her new logo and even mentioned in an email that her friends said that it looked exactly like how her business feels. Since the logo redesign, we have worked together on a number of other projects, including a couple of infographics, an ebook cover, and Canva templates for her to use for handouts.

Satori Yoga + Therapy brand board
Satori Yoga + Therapy book
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Melanie is a mind reader—in addition to being an extremely gifted artist. She transforms the tangled mess of my words and feelings of what I want to see into beautiful works of art—works of art that get noticed anywhere I share it. Working with Melanie has been a dream come true; for me, that is knowing that I can trust her with all the creative elements of the project and know that it would come out a hundred times better than what I’ve imagined. What else could a business owner + marketer wish for?

Julia Khafizov, Satori Yoga Studio