Melanie Watson Design logo
Melanie Watson Design logo

visual branding & collateral

Rochester Beacon logo
A poster for the RWN W Award.
Ortolani Services, Inc. logo
Multiple sizes of ads for Finger Lakes Opera's new season and a 2-sided rate card for advertising in their program books.
The word Satori in an asian-inspired font and a gradient of blue gray to orange simulating the rising sun. Underneath are the words Yoga + Therapy.
A cover and an interior spread featuring a skin care line using tones of green and colorful product photography.
A logo and product logo.
The front page of a health newspaper called In Good Health.
Front and inside of a media kit
Front and Inside of a bi-fold brochure.
A logo that shows multicolored arms raised with open hands while the center hand is holding a wooden spoon. The text below says RYCE - Rochester Youth Culinary Experience.
A framed poster promoting the RYCE Fundraising Carnival.
An open page of a newspaper showing an ad, a mobile phone showing an email, and a tablet with a website showing 2 digital ads all for an RBJ webinar.
A front page of the RBJ laid upon a stack of other RBJs.
A logo that says IV4 Managed IT Solutions.
Three flyers for IV4 splayed out.
A logo of a black circle with a gold 'N'; inside and the words ‘Now Digital Marketing'; going around the top. The words ‘Digital • Strategy • Social'; go around the bottom.
Business card front and back
A full-page ad for the Alzheimer's Association on a magazine spread.
A full-page ad for the Karpus Investment Management on a magazine spread.

publication design

editorial design

Two newspaper pages splayed out. The one on the left depicts an image related to in vitro fertilization with the title ‘Against all odds.' The one on the right shows a woman holding out her hand with pennies in them and is entitled ‘Donating wisely.'
Two newsprint publications splayed out. The one on the left shows a tree and the words ‘2016 Rochester Giving.' The one on the right has a colorful grid with images of senior citizens and the words ‘2011 Senior Living and Long-Term Care Directory.'
A full-page layout of photos and statistics entitle ‘Education at the RPO.'


Laptop with the Recommend Rochester presentation on its screen.
A laptop with an image of a presentation slide on it.
And infographic with a step design.
A horizontal flyer with an infographic flow chart helping clients to determine which yoga classes are best for them.
A two-page spread of a newspaper with many colorful charts and infographics.
The bottom half of a newspaper front page showing a colorful infographic.

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